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GCA is an external DPO and compliance consultancy specialising in data protection and information security.

GDPR (aka GDPAaaargh!), and Information Security including risk management may not be your bag, but they are ours. We work with you to try to make things a bit more GDPRaaaah – like a warm bath after a hard week.

GDPR Consultants Hertfordshire
GDPR Consultants Hertfordshire

You may be going through an exciting growth period with more data, more data flows between you and third parties and more people to train. As excited as you are, you want to keep your risks managed and your accountability high. That’s where we can help.

GCA works with businesses like yours who are growing, or making plans for their next step, larger SMEs, and Charities. We tend not to work with global corporates because they usually have in-house expertise and their own legal teams and they don’t need organisations like us to help them.

We work in a practical, collaborative way, and as long as what you’re trying to achieve is lawful and ethical, we’ll always be on your side to help things stay that way.

Small but important stuff

How do solid data protection practices help your business?

Gain Customer Trust

Trust = happier customers, happier employees,  happier investors.

Gain New Business

Happy customers tell their networks about great suppliers. Be talked about for the right reasons.

Feel Confident

Knowing what data you have, and why, and that your systems are designed with data protection and security in mind.

Competitive Advantage

Showing that you care about people through their data gives you the edge over competitors.

Avoid Reputational Harm

Reprimands or bad reviews can damage your hard-earned reputation. 

Save Time, Save Money

Doing things right means dealing with fewer complaints. This gives you more time to focus on building your business.

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